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MinFound Medical Systems Co., Ltd

MinFound Medical Systems Co., Ltd


MinFound Medical Systems Co., Ltd
About Us
MinFound medical is a leading diagnostic medical imaging equipment and solution provider with the purpose of making imaging healthcare more accessible to individuals in need and smartening diagnosis process for both clinicians and patients With headquarter located in Hangzhou Zhejiang MinFound sets up five manufacturing sites in China and one R D center in America and two sales subsidiaries abroad for an efficient and effective global layout MinFound is constantly driven by R D and innovation With over decades of arduous development in CT system MinFound becomes one of few CT manufacturers with the capability of developing and manufacturing CT detectors one of key components in CT systems...

Categories and Products

Computed Tomography

Magnetic Resonance Imaging

PET Computed Tomograph

Veterinary CT

Digital Radiography

Ultrasound System

Mobile Radiology Systems And Solutions


Products Keywords
AI CTMD CTMS CTX rayLD CTPET CTVET CTCT ArkPET MR1.5T MRTOF PetCabin CT1.5T MRI3.0T MRIVet CareChest CTCOVID-19Dr SystemMobile DRMobile CTSENIOR CT128-slicespiral ct512 SliceBGO PET CTCT systemsCT ScannerPets Caring16 Slice CT16-slice CTlow dose CTCOVID 19 CT32 Slice CTCOVID-19 CtLYSO PET CT64 Slice CT64-slice CTReady to UseMsct ScannerU Arm System128 Slice CT512 Slice CTEmergency CTMobile X Raycardiac scanNeuViz 128CT16 slices CTCT Perfusionct scan head64 slices CT32 slices CT128-slice CTMobile GE CTMobile CT BusGE CT Scanner1.5 Tesla MRI4D UltrasoundVeterinary CT128 slices CTVet Spiral CTMultislice CTMS CT ScannerCabin X Ray CTVET Care X-rayCardiac PET CTAI Scanning CTVet Care AI CTCAT Scanner CTX-ray for Petsmobile ct unitCT angiographyHeart ScanningVET Low Dose CTAI 128 Slice CTCardiac Scan CTct scan abdomenCabin Spiral CT3.0T MR ImagingCT in a TrailerMobile X RAY CT128 Slice CT Gect scan machineMobile PCR TestCardiac CT ScanMinFound VET CTMedical Imaging1.5T MR ImagingPET CT Scanners16 Slice Ct ScanCT Scan for PetsHigh Quality MRICOVID-19 ScannerCovid19 SolutionMobile Spiral CtCT Scan for DogsVET 16 Slices CTLYSO Material CT32 Slice CT ScanCT Scan for CatsHeart CT ScannerVet Care CT ScanVascular CT Scan128 slice ct scanMedical EquipmentSENIOR CT SCANNERSpiral CT ScannerFlat Single PanelSingle Flat PanelGemstone DetectorCompact Dr SystemUltrasound Systemct scanner imagesMobile CT ScannerDigital RadiologyMAX Image QualityFlat Panel SystemMR Image ScanningMost Powerful MRI64 Slice Ct Angio16 Slice Ct Vs 64Cabin Hospital CTMobile Siemens CTRadiography SystemCardiac CT ScannerDigital Flat PanelSiPM Technology CTmagnetic resonanceCardiac CT ImagingCt Economy RankingVET's Diagnosis CTMedical CT ScannerMr Imaging SystemsDiagnosis for PetsVet CT Pet ScannerMobile Phillips CT16 Row Cat ScannerVet CT ExaminationEco-green CT SystemCardiac ApplicationAI X-RAY CT ScannerVet Diagnosis X-rayComputed TomographyAuto FOV CT ScannerShoulder MRI ImagesLarge Magnet SystemCardiac Ct Scanners32 Slice Ct ScannerPhilips Ct 32 SliceToshiba Ct 32 SliceVet Diagnosis X RayNeusoft 16 Slice CtCOVID 19 CT SCANNERCOVID-19 CT ScannerDigital RadiographyCT 32 Slice ScannerCabin Xray Diagnose128 Slice Ct ScannerMobile Xray DiagnoseLonger Magnet SystemAutomatic CT ScannerAnimal Xray DiagnoseConventional CT ScanAquilion 16 Slice CtFloor Mounted SystemSiemens 128 Slice CtVeterinary Spiral CtVeterinary RadiologyCT Scanner ScreeningMobile Patient TableBest Consistency MRIDR Medical EquipmentCats Diagnosis X-rayMagnet Affect ImagesDogs Diagnosis X-raytypes of ct scannersGe Cardiac CT ScannerAnimal CT Examinationlow-dose ct radiologyVeterinary CT ImagingVeterinary Clinics CTTOF Analog TechnologyGE COVID-19 CT ScannerX-ray Sensitive PlatesFloor Mount Dual StandMx 16-slice Ct ScannerGeneral Imaging SystemSnakes Diagnosis X-raySystem For RadiographyX Ray Sensitive Plates128 Slice Ct Scan CostMedical Imaging SystemAI Computed TomographyVeterinary Medicine CTCT Gating TechnologiesPET Computed Tomograph1.5T MR Imaging SystemsGreater Consistency MRIAnimals Diagnosis X RayFloor Flat Panel System3.0T MR Imaging Systems64 Slice CT AngiographyPET CT Scanning MachineMRI Large Magnet SystemAnimals Diagnosis X-rayECG Computed TomographyGe 256 Slice Ct ScannerRabbits Diagnosis X-raySiemens As 128 Slice Ct256 Slice Ct Scanner Ge128 Slice Ct ComparisonDouble Plate SuspensionPET Computed TomographyAI Diagnosis CT Scanner64 Slices Ct RadiographyDigital Radiology SystemDogs Computed TomographyCats Computed TomographyXtended CT Field of ViewHigh NEMA Sensitivity CT64 Slice Cardiac CT ScanCT Effective ExaminationRadiography Equipment CTAuto-operation CT System128 Slices CT Scanner GEAuto Scanning CT ScannerRadiography Setup System32 Slice CT Scan MachineFull HD Lesion DetectionSomatom Emotion 16 SliceSipm Technology MaterialLarge Extended Axial FovMicro Computed Tomography16 Slice Ct Scanner PriceUltrasound Imaging DeviceHigh Performance Mr ImageCT Scan for Small AnimalsAccurate SUV MeasurementsUltrasound General ImagesCardiac Scanning for Dogs128 Slice Cardiac CT ScanPET And CT Phase MatchingHigh-performance MR ImageSmart Computed Tomography64 Slices Ct Scan MeaningDirect Radiography SystemCardiac Scanning for CatsUltrasound Imaging SystemCeiling Suspension SystemStability For Advanced MRISiemens Cardiac Ct ScannerPhilips Cardiac Ct ScannerSilicon Photomultiplier CTPhilips Access 16 Slice CtSpiral Computed TomographyMagnetic Resonance Imagingmobile ct scanner for saleVeterinary Telemedicine CTAI Positioning Scanning CTDigital Radiography SystemHigh Definition CT ScannerComputed Tomography SystemVeterinary Radiologists CTMobile Computed TomographyAuto Positioning CT ScannerMetal Artifact Reduction CTComputed Tomography ScannerDigital Radiography MedicalCorrelate Tumor Position CTCardiac Computed TomographyNeusoft 16 Slice Ct ScannerGE 32 Slice Ct Scan MachineCabin Radiography Equipment32 Slice Medical CT ScannerCOVID 19 HIGH DEFINITION CTCT High Standard of ImagingLarge Extended Axial FOV CTHighest NEMA Sensitivity CT16 Slice Toshiba Ct Scanner128 Slice Ct Scanner Siemen128 Slice Ct Scanner SiemensSystem of Ceiling SuspensionVet Care Computed Tomography128 Slice Medical CT ScannerVET Computed Tomography ScanMobile Radiography EquipmentAutomatic Amplitude Based CTCabin GE Computed TomographyAI Computed Tomography ImageComputed Tomography for Pets32 Slice Ct Scanner SupplierDR Ceiling Suspension SystemCardiac Scanning for Animals16-slice vs 64-slice ct scanCardiac Scanning for RabbitsPositron Emission Tomography32 Slice Computed TomographyLow Dose Computed Tomography256 Slice Ct Scanner PhilipsAdvanced Computed Tomography256 Slice Ct Scanner SiemensEmergency Computed TomographyComputed Tomography Perfusion128-slice Computed TomographyGe Revolution Act 16 Slice CtDigital Radiography EquipmentNeurology Computed TomographyICenter Integrated UltrasoundSiemens 16 Slice Ct Protocols128 Slices Coronary Artery CTAI Animals Computed TomographyIc Enter Integrated UltrasoundExcellence Computed TomographyComputed Tomography in AnimalsDR Equipment Suspension SystemVeterinary Computed Tomographymagnetic resonance angiographyMS Computed Tomography ScannerRadiography Computed Tomography3.0T Magnetic Resonance ImagingIntelligent Computed Tomography64-slice ct scan radiation dosePositron Emission Tomography CTDigital Radiography 380B SystemDetection at the Speed of LightExpectation Computed Tomography64 Slice Ct Scan Radiation Dose16 Slice Ct Scan SpecificationsMulti-sector Computed TomographyPET Computed Tomography ScanningHigh-quality Computed TomographyHigher Diagnostic Confidence MRIDual Flat Panel Suspension Systemlutetium yttrium Oxyorthosi1icateCabin Siemens Computed TomographyCalcification Computed TomographyTeleradiology Computed TomographyLYSO Positron Emission TomographyLYSO Material Computed TomographyFull Automatic Positioning System64 Slice Ct Angiography Heart ScanDigital Radiography Medical SystemAdvantages of 128 Slice Ct ScannerCabin Hospital Computed Tomography256 Slice Ge Revolution Ct ScannerSpiral Computed Tomography ScannerCabin Phillips Computed TomographyToshiba Alexion 16 Slice Ct ScannerSiPM Technology Computed TomographyTOF-analog Technology in Scan TimesDouble Flat Panel Suspension SystemFlat Single Panel Suspension System32 Slice Computed Tomography ScannerDigital Flat Panel Suspension SystemDiagnostic Imaging In The VeterinaryLose Dose High Definition CT COVID-19Gemstone Detector Computed TomographyRadiography Ceiling Suspension SystemSingle Flat Ceiling Suspension System128 Slice Computed Tomography ScannerCT High Standard Clinical FlexibilityPhilips Brilliance 64 Slice Ct ScannerAn Essential Resource for VeterinariansImage Detail for Better Tumor DelineationPerform Advanced Diagnostic Scans with FDGUnique Automation Digital Radiography SystemDigital Radiography Ceiling Suspension SystemMotion Correction and Quantitation Accuracy CT
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