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MinFound Medical Systems Co., Ltd

MinFound Medical Systems Co., Ltd


MinFound Medical Systems Co., Ltd
About Us
Established in 2011 Consists of more than 600 employees invested and managed by the MinFound Group Corporation and world top scientists The company focuses on the research development manufacture sales and services of high end medical imaging equipment including CT MR PET CT DR US PET MR AI etc Established a subsidiary in the US and establishing a global sale and service network

Categories and Products

Computed Tomography

Magnetic Resonance Imaging

PET Computed Tomograph

Veterinary CT

Digital Radiography

Ultrasound System

Mobile Radiology Systems And Solutions

Products Keywords
LD CTAI CTX rayMD CTMS CTPET CTVET CTPET MRCT Ark1.5T MRTOF PetCOVID-19Vet CareChest CT3.0T MRICabin CT1.5T MRISENIOR CTMobile CTspiral ctMobile DRDr SystemBGO PET CTCT systemsCT ScannerPets CaringLYSO PET CT16 Slice CT64 Slice CTCOVID-19 CtCOVID 19 CT32 Slice CTlow dose CTMsct ScannerMobile GE CTMobile X Ray128 Slice CT16 slices CT32 slices CT64 slices CT512 Slice CTEmergency CTcardiac scanU Arm SystemCT PerfusionMobile CT BusVeterinary CTMS CT ScannerVet Spiral CTLD CT ScannerGE CT ScannerMultislice CT1.5 Tesla MRI4D Ultrasound128 slices CTCAT Scanner CTCT angiographyCabin X Ray CTHeart ScanningX-ray for PetsVet Care AI CTCardiac PET CTVET Care X-rayAI Scanning CTMobile X RAY CTCabin Spiral CTVET Low Dose CTMinFound VET CTPET CT Scanners3.0T MR Imaging128 Slice CT GeMedical ImagingAI 128 Slice CTCardiac CT ScanCT in a Trailer1.5T MR ImagingCardiac Scan CT32 Slice CT ScanVascular CT ScanLYSO Material CTHeart CT ScannerVET 16 Slices CTCT Scan for PetsHigh Quality MRIcovid19 solutionCT Scan for DogsMobile Spiral CtVet Care CT ScanCOVID-19 ScannerCT Scan for Cats16 Slice Ct ScanSingle Flat PanelCompact Dr SystemUltrasound SystemMedical EquipmentMAX Image QualityGemstone DetectorFlat Panel System64 Slice Ct Angio16 Slice Ct Vs 64Digital RadiologyMR Image ScanningCabin Hospital CTMost Powerful MRISENIOR CT SCANNERMobile Siemens CTFlat Single PanelSpiral CT ScannerMobile CT ScannerDigital Flat Panelmagnetic resonance16 row cat scannerMobile Phillips CTSiPM Technology CTVet CT ExaminationVet CT Pet ScannerCt Economy RankingCardiac CT ScannerMedical CT ScannerVET's Diagnosis CTMr Imaging SystemsCardiac CT ImagingDiagnosis for PetsRadiography SystemAuto FOV CT ScannerComputed TomographyToshiba Ct 32 SliceCardiac Ct ScannersEco-green CT SystemShoulder MRI ImagesCOVID 19 CT SCANNERDigital Radiography32 Slice Ct ScannerPhilips Ct 32 SliceVet Diagnosis X RayNeusoft 16 Slice CtAI X-RAY CT ScannerCOVID-19 CT ScannerLarge Magnet SystemCabin Xray DiagnoseVet Diagnosis X-rayCT 32 Slice ScannerCardiac Function CTDogs Diagnosis X-rayLonger Magnet SystemSiemens 128 Slice CtConventional CT ScanCats Diagnosis X-rayVeterinary Spiral CtCT Scanner ScreeningAutomatic CT ScannerAnimal Xray Diagnose128 Slice Ct ScannerBest Consistency MRIMobile Patient TableMobile Xray DiagnoseDR Medical EquipmentMagnet Affect ImagesAquilion 16 Slice CtVeterinary RadiologyFloor Mounted SystemAnimal CT ExaminationTOF Analog TechnologyVeterinary Clinics CTVeterinary CT ImagingGe Cardiac CT ScannerGE COVID-19 CT ScannerMx 16-slice Ct ScannerX-ray Sensitive Plates128 Slice Ct Scan CostPET Computed TomographCT Gating TechnologiesVeterinary Medicine CTMedical Imaging SystemFloor Mount Dual StandX Ray Sensitive PlatesSystem For RadiographyAI Computed TomographySnakes Diagnosis X-rayGeneral Imaging SystemAI Diagnosis CT ScannerRabbits Diagnosis X-rayAnimals Diagnosis X-rayMRI Large Magnet SystemDouble Plate SuspensionSiemens As 128 Slice CtGreater Consistency MRI128 Slice Ct ComparisonECG Computed TomographyAnimals Diagnosis X Ray3.0T MR Imaging Systems64 Slice CT AngiographyGe 256 Slice Ct Scanner256 Slice Ct Scanner GePET CT Scanning MachinePET Computed Tomography1.5T MR Imaging SystemsFloor Flat Panel SystemDigital Radiology SystemAuto-operation CT System64 Slices Ct Radiography128 Slices CT Scanner GEAuto Scanning CT ScannerHigh NEMA Sensitivity CTScintillator Detector CT64 Slice Cardiac CT ScanXtended CT Field of ViewSipm Technology MaterialDogs Computed TomographyRadiography Equipment CTRadiography Setup SystemLarge Extended Axial FovCats Computed TomographyFull HD Lesion DetectionCT Effective ExaminationSomatom Emotion 16 Slice32 Slice CT Scan MachineMicro Computed TomographyAccurate SUV MeasurementsCeiling Suspension SystemDirect Radiography SystemUltrasound Imaging Device128 Slice Cardiac CT ScanUltrasound General ImagesHigh-performance MR ImageUltrasound Imaging SystemHigh Performance Mr ImageCT Scan for Small Animals16 Slice Ct Scanner PriceCardiac Scanning for CatsPET And CT Phase MatchingCardiac Scanning for Dogs64 Slices Ct Scan MeaningSmart Computed TomographySilicon Photomultiplier CTSiemens Cardiac Ct ScannerPhilips Cardiac Ct ScannerHigh Definition CT ScannerStability For Advanced MRIPhilips Access 16 Slice CtAI Positioning Scanning CTMobile Computed TomographySpiral Computed TomographyDigital Radiography SystemMagnetic Resonance ImagingVeterinary Radiologists CTComputed Tomography SystemVeterinary Telemedicine CTComputed Tomography ScannerCorrelate Tumor Position CTNeusoft 16 Slice Ct ScannerMetal Artifact Reduction CTDigital Radiography Medical32 Slice Medical CT ScannerCT High Standard of ImagingAuto Positioning CT Scanner16 Slice Toshiba Ct ScannerCardiac Computed TomographyCOVID 19 HIGH DEFINITION CT128 Slice Ct Scanner SiemenGE 32 Slice Ct Scan MachineHighest NEMA Sensitivity CTCabin Radiography EquipmentLarge Extended Axial FOV CTAutomatic Amplitude Based CTMobile Radiography EquipmentPositron Emission TomographyCabin GE Computed TomographyCardiac Scanning for RabbitsAI Computed Tomography Image32 slice ct scanner supplierVET Computed Tomography ScanDR Ceiling Suspension SystemLow Dose Computed Tomography256 Slice Ct Scanner SiemensSystem of Ceiling Suspension256 Slice Ct Scanner Philips128 Slice Ct Scanner SiemensAdvanced Computed TomographyVet Care Computed Tomography32 Slice Computed TomographyCardiac Scanning for Animals128 Slice Medical CT ScannerComputed Tomography for Pets128-slice Computed TomographyEmergency Computed TomographyGe Revolution Act 16 Slice CtDigital Radiography EquipmentNeurology Computed TomographyComputed Tomography Equipment128 Slices Coronary Artery CTRadiography Medical EquipmentSiemens 16 Slice Ct ProtocolsComputed Tomography PerfusionICenter Integrated Ultrasoundmagnetic resonance angiographyAI Animals Computed TomographyComputed Tomography in AnimalsVeterinary Computed TomographyExcellence Computed TomographyMS Computed Tomography ScannerDR Equipment Suspension SystemIc Enter Integrated UltrasoundRadiography Computed TomographyScintillator Detector EquipmentDetection at the Speed of Light16 Slice Ct Scan SpecificationsPositron Emission Tomography CTDigital Radiography 380B System3.0T Magnetic Resonance ImagingIntelligent Computed Tomography64 Slice Ct Scan Radiation DoseExpectation Computed TomographyHigher Diagnostic Confidence MRIPET Computed Tomography ScanningHigh-quality Computed TomographyMulti-sector Computed TomographyCalcification Computed TomographyLYSO Positron Emission TomographyFull Automatic Positioning SystemTeleradiology Computed Tomographylutetium yttrium Oxyorthosi1icateCabin Siemens Computed TomographyDual Flat Panel Suspension SystemLYSO Material Computed TomographyCabin Phillips Computed TomographySpiral Computed Tomography ScannerAdvantages of 128 Slice Ct ScannerCabin Hospital Computed Tomography256 Slice Ge Revolution Ct ScannerDigital Radiography Medical System64 Slice Ct Angiography Heart ScanToshiba Alexion 16 Slice Ct ScannerDouble Flat Panel Suspension SystemFlat Single Panel Suspension SystemSiPM Technology Computed TomographyTOF-analog Technology in Scan TimesDiagnostic Imaging In The Veterinary32 Slice Computed Tomography ScannerDigital Flat Panel Suspension SystemSingle Flat Ceiling Suspension SystemCT High Standard Clinical Flexibility128 Slice Computed Tomography ScannerGemstone Detector Computed TomographyLose Dose High Definition CT COVID-19Radiography Ceiling Suspension SystemPhilips Brilliance 64 Slice Ct ScannerAn Essential Resource for VeterinariansImage Detail for Better Tumor DelineationPerform Advanced Diagnostic Scans with FDGUnique Automation Digital Radiography SystemDigital Radiography Ceiling Suspension SystemMotion Correction and Quantitation Accuracy CT
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